Is Telegraf InfluxDB plugin Stateful?

Hi All,

Quick question.

I have built a network monitoring system with an architecture as such:

network device < telegraf agent (Producer ) > Kafka ( Message Bus ) < telegraf agent ( Consumer ) > InfluxDB

I have a question regarding the telegraf influxdb plugin, if the plugin is stateful or stateless. What I mean by this is; If Telegraf consumes a message from Kafka, and sends it to InfluxDB, will Telegraf (Consumer) care if InfluxDB receives the message?

I’m trying to validate the “What if influxDB goes down?” scenario…

Also I am trying to lab this up to test and will post my results either way.



Hi @Jesse_Hughes,
So with regards to your question if InfluxDB goes down then Telegraf will store the undelivered messages within its message buffer. This will continue until the buffer is reached. Old messages will then be dropped from the buffer. Note: Telegraf itself does not retain messages after failure.

You could probably simulate this with docker containers. I hope this helps :slight_smile:


Hey Jay,

Thanks, I did simulate this with Docker containers and have verified. Much appreciated. Quite happy with the outcome.



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