Invalid: query length exceeded in Grafana


I am using OSS 2.0.3 and use Grafana 7.1.2 to monitor all kinds of queries.
I have around 50 panels on one dashboard each panel is a different Flux query.
When I refresh Grafana or just open it I get “Invalid: query length exceeded” error on 5-10 different panels (sometimes more), if I enter the panel and click on refresh query if retrieves the query but this is no solution as I have view only users that use this dashboard.
I tried to add sleep to the queries but it doesn’t help as it doesn’t get to the sleep at all it looks like it doesn’t execute the query.
If I refresh the dashboard it gets even worse.

I am not sure if this issue is related to Grafana or Influx, maybe someone here can assist.

Thanks in advance

Ok I managed to resolve this issue by reading he config documentation Query concurrency
I added to the system influxd service the environment variable


This resolved my issue, now all the queries are loading and everything works.

Newbie issue but I hope it helps someone as well :slight_smile: