INTO from multiple measurements

I’m trying to write aggregated result from two measurements into a single measurement.

I found on documentation that you can write multiple matching measurements with :MEASUREMENT keyword in INTO query. Like

SELECT * INTO "copy_NOAA_water_database"."autogen".:MEASUREMENT FROM "NOAA_water_database"."autogen"./.*/

What I’m trying to do is

SELECT mean("water_level") INTO "copy_NOAA_water_database"."autogen"."water_agg" FROM "NOAA_water_database"."autogen"./.*/ GROUP BY time(15m), *

The above query runs successfully, but I’m not sure whether influx has considered points from all measurement of NOAA_water_database or just last appearing measurement is considered.

First check if your aggregated query is even giving the result that you expect. Better keep an eye on this:

The only thing you can trust influx to do right (of course my point of view) is store data, and read data. The rest you better verify.