Insert multiple measurements from CSV file using Python script

Hi, I’m new to InfluxDB 2.0.
I want to insert some measurements into my bucket from a CSV file using Python script. I use Pandas to get Data Frame from the CSV file and write each point into its measurement through the command write_api.write(bucket, org, point). The problem is I need to have 3 distinct CSV files then reading and inserting them one by one. Because they have different numbers of columns and fields. Is there any way to organize them better? For example, we just need a file CSV containing 3 measurements.

I’m sorry, the question is too abstract to understand the problem.
What is the actual problem?

Of course, after reading the csv files, you can somehow prepare or merge the data before writing it to InfluxDB.

Thanks for your reply. My question is how to organize CSV file if we want to insert multiple measurements into the bucket.

I’m sorry, the question is still too abstract for me to be able to give an answer.
Maybe post some csv snippets as an example and explain what do you mean with “multiple measurements”.

Furthermore you have of course with pandas all possibilities to filter, merge or do whatever you want with the data, before writing to InfluxDB.