Inputs.http xml.xpath not working in metric_name

Hi, I am trying to change metric_name
( telegraf/plugins/parsers/xpath at master · influxdata/telegraf · GitHub )

This is somehow not working :frowning: … I would like to change metric_name (to be dropped later) in case, there is some attribute status=false instead of attribute status=true at root element…

metric_name = “concat( substring( ‘validname’, 1, number(wario/@status = ‘true’) * 9), substring( ‘validname_error’, 1, ( 1 - number(wario/@status = ‘true’)) * 15))”

What is wrong with this query? My metric name ends like “validnamevalidname_error” :-/

Hello @JanPono,
Can you please share the errors you’re getting? Also set debug=true in the agent portion of your config.
Finally what are you getting as your line protocol output?
you can use the --test flag to see if looks right and can you please share it here?

Finally, this blog might be useful: