Input.snmp > associate hostname and @ip?



I collect data via snmp on several machines
in the input I inform the @ ip

On the other hand for more ease, I wish under grafana recover the associated hostname

Is it possible ?
If so how, an example?

agents = [“”]
version = 3
auth_protocol = “sha”
auth_password = “xxxxxxx”
sec_level = “authPriv”
priv_protocol = “AES”
priv_password = “xxxxxxxxx”
sec_name = “xxxxxxxx”
max_repetitions = 10
timeout = “250s”
retries = 3


measurement Famille Announcements

name = “Announcements”

name = “cardstatMaxAnnouncements.1”
oid = “”


measurement Famille Conference

name = “Conference”

name = “cardstatMaxConferences”
oid = “”

thank you very much


I believe you can use the inherit_tags configuration parameter to add the hostname to your SNMP measurements, as described in the SNMP plugin documentation.

The example provided appears to demonstrate this.


I will try this track. Thanks