Ingest Kubernetes logs and alert based off them in Kapacitor

Is TICK on K8S setup to ingest logs from pods running in the cluster? And if so, how can we alert based on specific log patterns in Kapacitor?

@devth YES! You writing a sink for this repo as a possible way to accomplish this. I’ve added an issue over on tick-charts to help track this.

To be clear this is different from my previous post in Slack about getting Events from K8S. This is more about monitoring application logs from various pods and alerting. For example, might be useful to alert if there’s a specific Exception thrown in the logs.

Ah thats a different problem entirely. You would want a logstash daemonset with the logstash-output-influxdb and then write that data through kapacitor. A few folks have been having issues with that output reciently so it might need some work. I would love to see a working setup of that.

Thanks @jackzampolin. I’ll post back here if/when I get this working!

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