InfluxDB2.5 how to crate a database?

i try to connect with NodeRed to send data to a InfluxDB 2.5

i used with 1.8 just login influx crate a database and enter the information back in Node Red.

but i can’t find out how just to create the DB and get the information to config the Node Red. Any help would be nice.

have a nice day

Hi @vikozo

Before doing anything in Node-RED, you need to create an organization, token and bucket in InfluxDB. You can do all of this via the Influx Data Explorer located at http://your-ip-addr:8086

Once you do the above, in Node-RED use a function node to define your fieldname & value and your tag(s) and their values. The function node then feeds into this node to populated InfluxDB.

Function node example:

msg.payload = [{
    HumidityValue: 31.2
return msg;