InfluxDB2.1 and Infllux 2.1 CLI on Windows

Why is it so difficult to get influxDB2 up and running along with very cryptic Influx2.1.
Have been trying to add a measurement from past 3 days and I have not even been able to log into INFLUX DB and see the buckets/databases etc.

The documentation is very minimal. Error msgs are not informative.

Please tell us:

  1. What documentation you are following to achieve this.

  2. How you are trying to “add a measurement” (give enough details that someone
    else could do the same thing to try to reproduce the problem).

  3. What error messages you have received (whether they appear informative or

Once we have that information we might be able to understand your situation,
and hopefully help.


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Thanks Antony.

Followed the installation and set up guide as outlined in the Influx DB v 2.1 OSS

Added a bucket using the UI (http://localhost:8086). Using the c# InfluxDbClient inside an API application to add a measurement to the created bucket. The section of code adding the measurement executes and returns the successfully but in the INFLUX UI I am not able to see any measurements in the bucket.

I am not able to see the error message. I set the logging level to DEBUG and even after that there is no information about any event. Sometimes the UI freezes.

I think what Antony meant is that instead of hate we would like to see source code