InfluxDB2.0 - set up issue, able to run daemon but not able to set up further


I am able to run the InfluxDB2.0 daemon process “influxd” on a linux box and the port is configured to 8111. I see in the log that the daemon is listening to 8111, but I’m not able to launch “Influx setup” to create a database or any further operations to set up. Please let me know what I’m missing here?

Thanks in advance for ur help.

What error(s) are you getting?

On my environment I just pointed my browser at the ip+port and I got the welcome wizard setup screen and was on my way…

I see the web page saying " This site can’t be reached"

“SYSWDL1832” refused to connect.

But we already have Influx-1.8 running on this box as well, where I can create database and measurements.
I’m not sure if the 2.0 Influxd process is running perfectly fine… below is all I see in its logs. Is this all that is required for daemon process?

ts=2020-07-30T09:44:55.174845Z lvl=info msg=“Welcome to InfluxDB” log_id=0OJmbYXW000 version=2.0.0-beta.15 commit=f54848f443 build_date=2020-07-23T18:27:19Z
ts=2020-07-30T09:44:55.187745Z lvl=info msg=“Resources opened” log_id=0OJmbYXW000 service=bolt path=/home/atetest/.influxdbv2/influxd.bolt
ts=2020-07-30T09:44:55.191880Z lvl=info msg=“Opening Series File (start)” log_id=0OJmbYXW000 service=storage-engine service=series-file op_name=series_file_open path=/home/atetest/.influxdbv2/engine/_series op_event=start
ts=2020-07-30T09:44:55.215534Z lvl=info msg=“Opening Series File (end)” log_id=0OJmbYXW000 service=storage-engine service=series-file op_name=series_file_open path=/home/atetest/.influxdbv2/engine/_series op_event=end op_elapsed=23.661ms
ts=2020-07-30T09:44:55.217071Z lvl=info msg=“Index opened” log_id=0OJmbYXW000 service=storage-engine index=tsi partitions=8
ts=2020-07-30T09:44:55.217626Z lvl=info msg=“Reloaded WAL” log_id=0OJmbYXW000 service=storage-engine path=/home/atetest/.influxdbv2/engine/wal duration=0.050ms
ts=2020-07-30T09:44:55.217666Z lvl=info msg=Starting log_id=0OJmbYXW000 service=storage-engine component=retention_enforcer check_interval=1h

ts=2020-07-30T09:44:55.218042Z lvl=info msg=“Starting query controller” log_id=0OJmbYXW000 service=storage-reads concurrency_quota=20 initial_memory_bytes_quota_per_query=9223372036854775807 memory_bytes_quota_per_query=9223372036854775807 max_memory_bytes=0 queue_size=15

ts=2020-07-30T09:44:55.521603Z lvl=info msg=Listening log_id=0OJmbYXW000 transport=http addr= port=8111

When I run > influx setup
the command takes long time and next day I see the below error…

Error: failed to determine if instance has been configured: Get http://localhost:9999/api/v2/setup: EOF

I see it is still trying for port 9999, when I’ve changed it to 8111.
Is there anyway I can change the port for the influx setup please?


Possibly a bug not yet handled if you change the port. Do you have the option of running it using the default port 9999?

Unfortunately no, the 9999 port is being used by another app in our environment which I do not have control on…

But can you please confirm if the daemon process logs are correct and they look as it should? Just want to make sure nothing is missing in the config for daemon…

Can you paste the flags you’re running the daemon with?

What flags are you running the influx client binary with ?

I have set the daemon config to the below config.toml file
query-concurrency = 20
query-queue-size = 15
secret-store = “vault”
session-length = 120
http-bind-address = “”
reporting-disabled = true
log-level = “info”

The Influx client library is with following command

./influx setup

I thought it will pick up the same config.toml file in the folder?

I’m confused. Are you having problems with influxdb 1.x or the beta 2.0 ? The docs I linked are for 2.0

Edit; I hadn’t noticed those config files existed before, cool!

I think you need to tell the influx client to use a different port. Does this work?

influx -u http://localhost:8111

Did this work for you ?

Hi, thanks for the response… currently I see a problem with running the daemon process. We have influx1.8 running in parallel on the same machine…

when I start the command to bring up the daemon process > ./influxd
The influx2.0 isn’t coming up due to the below error.

ts=2020-08-03T01:52:53.296456Z lvl=error msg=“Failed opening bolt” log_id=0OOWBbTl000 error=“unable to open boltdb; is there a chronograf already running? timeout”
Error: unable to open boltdb; is there a chronograf already running? timeout

Not sure if I can suppress this one with a config…

Should be able to. This is what settled on. Although full disclosure I’m only running v2 instance, but I can’t see why it wouldn’t be possible to do what you’re wanting to

I eventually moved to a different box where port 9999 is available for me to use and set up as per the instructions… everything went smooth.

The daemon process is running fine and I’m able to do influx set up in CLI and able to see the UI from a browser(which is cool).

I am now trying to set up bucket and put in some test data for playing around this…
Thanks a lot for the help with this guys.

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On the new box, I’m running both influx v1.8 and v2.0 in parallel, so no issues as far as I’m using the port 9999 for v2.0