InfluxDB - Synology log on problem

I have deployed InfluxDb (v 1.7.7) to my Synology docker. It runs well but for any reason I cannot log on to it using my NAS IP address together with the port number (8086). So, I cannot create DB and cannot insert data. How I can troubleshoot what is the problem? Any suggestion to fix this?

Thanks in advance!

@rawkode any suggestions?

Hi @1forrest,

This sounds like a firewall problem. Can you check if it’s enabled?

If it is, you’ll need to add a rule to open port 8086

It is turned on. I added the 8086 but did not help. I even switched off the firewall and did not work either. I am clueless.
Do I need to run anything after the docker installation? Any shell script? I just installed on Synology and try to reach via that port in order to setup the DB and try to use it. But not working at all.
Thanks for the support.