InfluxDB won't start anymore

My influxdb is running on a raspberry pi more then two years as a docker container (image arm32v7/influxdb). After a reboot of my raspberry pi my influx db won’t start anymore and there is no listener.

My Logfile in portainer shows the following lines…

ts=2024-02-25T10:30:41.071873Z lvl=info msg=“InfluxDB starting” log_id=0nZxv4gl000 version=1.8.4 branch=1.8 commit=bc8ec4384eed25436d31045f974bf39f3310fa3c
ts=2024-02-25T10:30:41.071954Z lvl=info msg=“Go runtime” log_id=0nZxv4gl000 version=go1.13.8 maxprocs=4
run: create server: proto: required field “MaxShardID” not set

What is MaxShardID? Do I have to set this parameter in influxdb.conf? I couldn’t find any hint with google about this parameter.

Best regards Manuel

Hello @Manuel,
This problem is less about a missing configuration in your influxdb.conf and more about potentially corrupted metadata within InfluxDB itself. MaxShardID is not something you would manually set in your configuration file; it’s managed internally by InfluxDB to track the highest shard ID in use. MaxShardID is an internal metadata field used by InfluxDB to track the highest numerical identifier assigned to its shards. Shards in InfluxDB are a fundamental part of how data is stored; they represent a portion of the database’s data, typically segmented by time. Each shard contains a set of time series data for a specific time range, and every shard is assigned a unique identifier, or ShardID.

What version of InfluxDB are you using? For v1, there’s a influx_inspect buildtsi tool that can be used to rebuild the TSI index. You might want to perform a backup if you need.