Influxdb_v2.2 cisco_mdt panic: runtime error: index out of range [1] with length 0

Hi, I’m new but struggling to get a working example of a TIG stack on a cisco router with IOS-XE (a CSR1000v actually). I’ve followed the numerous examples on the web that seem to make all of this look very easy. And have slightly modified the configuration files from the example from cisco here to include local agent system metrics. My problem is that while the local agent metrics appear in influxdb the cisco metrics result in the following error for any query.

 panic: runtime error: index out of range [1] with length 0

The measurements appear in influx however just that there seems to be an issue with doing an query. The telegraf data appears to be ok to myself when I write it to a file however as I’m only just learning i could be completely wrong. I’d appreciate any possible advice.

Telegraf data written to a json file looks like this.

I’ll keep reading and try and find a reason why but given the system agent data is ok i’m thinking either it does not like the telegraf output? All the examples are the same and there is not real difference in telegraf and the cisco_mdt plugin…

Any help appreciated.

Seems the community is not really active. I’ve solved my issue myself.

Hello @tommiy,
I apologize for the delay feel free to tag me in the future!
Do you mind sharing your solution so others can benefit.