Influxdb store speedtest data from more devices

I want to measure internet speed on more devices and store their statistics into influxdb, then compare data in grafana. I started my first nfluxdb project yesterday. I forked a good project which almost fits to my requirements. Speedtest Python Script

I need little help from the community please, what is the correct way to approach to this project ? Should I save each device into its own influxdb database ? Or can I somehow add something like the name of the device into the insert script and save them together? If i should go this way, can you please suggest to me what should add to the script ?

Based on what i understood i would store them in the same measurement with tags to identify them uniquely.

So, all measurements should have some tag key…

            'measurement': 'ping',
            'time': data['timestamp'],
            'fields': {
                'jitter': data['ping']['jitter'],
                'latency': data['ping']['latency'],
                'host': 'server01'


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exactly some tag key to identify a row.