InfluxDB SmokePing Replacement

Dear All,

I am currently new to using TICK, but am familiar with Prometheus.

Currently i am planning to replace smokeping with TICK and i have configure telgraf.conf ping module as below

urls = [“”,“”,“”,“”]
count = 5
ping_interval = 1.0
timeout = 5.0

Is the above best practice or are there better ways to configure it?

For display, i am using Grafana but i am abit confused as how to display RTT, Latency, Packet Loss. Am i doing correct through the following:

Packet Loss
SELECT count(“percent_packet_loss”) FROM “ping” WHERE “host” = ‘srv01’ AND “url” = ‘’ AND $timeFilter GROUP BY time(10s) fill(null)

SELECT mean(“average_response_ms”) FROM “ping” WHERE “host” = ‘srv01’ AND “url” = ‘’ AND $timeFilter GROUP BY time($__interval) fill(null)

How can i calculate jitter through ping?

Are there any guides or such to help?

Thank You In Advance