Influxdb qurey in grafana

hello every one
i want to Comparison values input in influxdb

this is telegraf config

urls = [“”]
database = “telegraf”
username = “telegraf”
password = “***”

name_override = “alerts”
service_address = “:8081”
#data_source = “query”
data_format = “json”
tag_keys = [“market”, “indicator”, “candle_period”, “indicator_label”, “hot_cold_label”, “creation_date”]


this is my data

"exchange": "binance", "market": "BNB/BTC", "base_currency": "BNB", "quote_currency": "BTC", "indicator": "momentum", "indicator_number": 0, "analysis": {"config": {"enabled": true, "alert_enabled": true, "alert_frequency": "once", "signal": ["momentum"], "hot": 0, "cold": 0, "candle_period": "4h", "period_count": 10}, "status": "hot"}, "status": "hot", "last_status": "hot", "prices": " Open: 0.0017525 High: 0.0017647 Low: 0.0017387 Close: 0.0017615", "lrsi": "", "creation_date": "2020-05-10 16:16:23"

possible to comparison between market values for status values?
which market value has more hot status values ?
or like this
in grafana dashboard.