InfluxDB NaN support


Wonder if anyone could shed some light on the status of a feature request for support of np.NaN or np.Inf terms in influxdb?

I’ve found several posts from 2015 / 17 requesting or suggesting support for these would be beneficial but can’t find any later posts confirming support. See;


Is it still open?

I’m dealing with fist full of import errors for sensor data which contains NaN values, amongst other things. Nan is a much used term in this domain & would be very useful if supported, not least in graphing of time series with ‘real’ gaps in content. This is where work-arounds using constants as a a flag are sub-optimal.

Grateful for any pointers.

I’m running Influxdb-Version: 1.7.8


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Hello @tonyb,

Thanks for your question. It looks like this is in the plans for 2.0. I will update here once I get more information. In the meantime, I recommend using null as suggested in the thread