InfluxDB high IO disk write despite no queries


i store some data in an influxdb database via node-red automation. The data is in the order of 100s datapoints per 5 seconds. I have infitnite retention and NO downsampling.

I use a Raspberry PI 4 and when I started doing this, I had a cpu usage of about 5% for everything including influxdb. Over time, without adding more data points, this has increased to about 50%.

The majority of cpu performance is influxdb. Therefore I disabled all write queries, one by one. Even with all queries disabled, there is like 40% cpu usage, because influxdb causes around 15mb/sec disk write IO usage.

Can someone point me in the right direction, why influxdb is constantly writing to disk despite there being no queries (read or write) whatsoever? Or any way, how I can analyze this Problem futher?

Thanks for any help!