InfluxDB: CPU Peak every 2 minutes


Hello there, i’ve installed the TICK stack on my Raspberry Pi.
I immediately noticed that every two minutes InfluxDB generate a CPU peak.

The peaks seem to be correlated with garbage collection as you can see from here:

Another fun fact is that the peaks keep getting higher and higher until 60% cpu load then they get down again.

Is it normal? Keep in mind that i’m using a RaspberryPi which has a 700Mhz single-core ARM CPU.
Thank you so much.


What version of InfluxDB are you running? I’m not currently running on a RPi3, but I haven’t been able to reproduce this on an ARTIK-520 which is a similarly constrained device running the ARM binaries. I’m running 1.2 myself, but will upgrade shortly to 1.3.