InfluxDB Cloud: host and port for remote connection

Hello everyone,

I’m a new entry with InfluxDB. I’m registered to InfluxDB Cloud + AWS.

My intention is to use the R language to query InfluxDB data. I activated the demo data bucket from the dashboard, then I’m trying to send a query. However, I’ve some problem to retrieve the host and the port to connect with the database.

Would anyone know where to find them?

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Hello @davide.massidda,
Can you successfully execute a CURL?

curl -G \
  -u username:YourAuthToken \
  --data-urlencode "db=mydb" \
  --data-urlencode "q=SELECT used_percent FROM mem WHERE host=host1"

You’ll need a:

Thank your for your reply @Anaisdg. I cannot successfully execute a CURL. I guess my problem at this level is identify the name of DB… I activated the demo data “Website Monitoring Bucket”. Is this one the name of the DB? Sorry for the triviality!