InfluxDb client is processing messages with delay

Hello Everyone,
Our Current System is running InfluxDb1.8.6 version of Influx DB and we are using a official node-influx client Influx1-client library and have built a influxDB client using that.Currently we are facing a weird problem →

The main issue is while writing if we get400 Bad request: ERR: partial write: field type conflict error` and this error is causing the InfluxDB client to process the incoming data from AMQP bus with delay and this leads to a situation where the AMQP bus has data in “ready” state (i.e. ready for delivery) since the client is processing messages with delay the size of ready state messages is growing and causing trouble at AMQP Bus.

Looking for some help!!!
Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

PS: Unfortunately I was unable to upload I am always getting an error :frowning:

@grant1 or @scott or @Anaisdg can you please help me here? I would really appreciate if you take a look and point me in right direction.