InfluxDB 2 logging every query (old query language)

I upgraded to InfluxDB 2 earlier this year. So far I’ve been really happy with the experience, but just ran into a headache.

What is happening:
Until I get my Grafana dashboards updated, I’m using the old query language through the Influx “compatibility” layer (for lack of a better term). I just noticed however that my queries are getting logged to what appears to be a few different locations (in-line with this GH issue I believe, although the issue is referencing version 1.8).

So far, they appear to be going to syslog and systemd-journald (I confirmed journald is not writing to syslog).

What should be happening:
In my mind, this should be pretty simple (unless I’m missing something obvious - I’m still learning about Linux internals):

  • InfluxDB specific logs are handled by systemd-journald and are not written anywhere else (or maybe they could be written to a specific log file described in the config).
  • Queries are not logged at all unless specifically enabled (I am aware of flux-log-enabled but that doesn’t seem to have an effect here since these are not Flux queries).

Is there a configuration option or something else I am missing?
I am working on setting up centralized logging for my lab and don’t want to be ingesting Influx logs from multiple places and I definitely don’t need every query logged.

System Info

  • Influx version 2.0.9
  • Ubuntu 20.04.3