InfluxDB 2.3.0 Windows 64-bit OSS SHA-256 Hash

I downloaded the latest InfluxDB OSS for Windows 64-bit (2.3.0) as a zip and attempted to verify the hash before proceeding to unpack it. The hash I compute is:

whereas the published SHA256 hash value on the download site is:

I’m using Powershell Get-FileHash to compute the value, as:

Get-FileHash -Path -Algorithm SHA256

Anyone else run across this? Is it to be trusted or is the published value in error?

Hi @FowlerDK,
Thank you for pointing this out! Can you send me a link to the download you used? It might just be an update error on our end but better to be safe!

Also welcome to the community! :slight_smile:

I concur:

$ wget

HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 200 OK
Length: 89343978 (85M) [application/zip]
Saving to: ‘’

$ sha256sum


Awesome, thank you @Pooh! Looks like a mistake on our end. I will ask one of our Edge Team to take a look. To give you peace of mind.

This is the official site for downloading the InfluxDB binary: Downloads.

Thanks for pointing this out and hope to get back to you soon!

@Jay_Clifford, I used the official download link here:

as you and @Pooh referenced. Thanks for the quick response!

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Hello @FowlerDK @Pooh,

My apologies for this mix up! For the 2.3 release, I had also generated a .tar.gz archive for the Windows build. It looks like I accidentally used the checksum for that archive instead of the checksum for the .zip archive. I’ll update the downloads site shortly.

Thank you for catching this!

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No worries! Glad it was a simple mix up and not something more serious…
I’ll look for the update on the download site.

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