Influxdata package

I’m using influx db 1.8.5 and chronograf 1.9.4.

I’ve toggled to Flux and in the script window I wrote 'import “influxdata” ’

I’m returned with a type rror: 1:1-1:20: unknown import parth: “influxdata”.

please advise why I’m getting the error and how to resolve it.

Hello @ajetsharwin,
I believe you need:
import "influxdata/influxdb"
What function are you trying to use?
Make sure to look at the docs to see if your version supports the function (click on *View InfluxDB support *in pink):

Thank you Anais, this is noted. I wasn’t trying to use a function, I was just why my import statement didn’t work. thanks for clarifying.

@Anaisdg would appreciate any assistance here please: Select Multiple Columns in FLUX