InfluxData is Hiring for a Sales Engineer


InfluxData is currently hiring for a Sales Engineer. If you love technology, discovering what is possible and designing solutions to solve those problems, then this is the position for you.

What You Will Do:
Own the sales cycle from a technical perspective and then own the technical relationship with your customers.
Be an advocate for your customers with the InfluxData Engineering, Product and Support Teams. Make customers successful.
Educate, explain and engage with your customers about InfluxData products and how they can be leveraged.
Understand the needs of your customers and help them design solutions to address their requirements. Help them understand what is possible and how to get there.
Have a deep understanding of the InfluxData products and technologies and work closely with Engineering and Sales to resolve critical technical issues.
Work closely with the InfluxData Sales team to drive revenue.

What Skills You Need:
Great presentation skills with the ability to speak in front of audiences both large and small and being comfortable presenting to a room full of people.
An imagination to help customers realize what is possible and the ability to be able to explain complex technical problems simply.
Coding chops. Whether your language of choice is Go Lang, Java, Python, Ruby or even shell, it’s important for members of the field team to be capable of cracking open an editor and digging in to better help our customers.
Linux Beyond the Fundamentals. The more knowledge you have of Linux the better. Hands on with multiple distributions is a plus.
Ability to travel at least 30% of the time.
The ability to remain flexible and adapt to a changing environment.

What Skills Will Help:
A background with any sort of database system whether its relational, key-value store, or a document store. Basic SQL wouldn’t hurt either.
Knowledge or experience with Containers and/or orchestration technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, Consul, Apache Mesos or DC/OS.
Open Source Software. Know it. Love it.
InfluxData is about time-series data.
Having an understanding or background of distributed or clustered systems will definitely help.
Experience with Cloud Providers such as AWS, GCE, or Microsoft Azure.

If you are interested please send and email and your resume to

Dave Patton
Dir. Sales Engineering and Professional Services

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