InfluxCloud 2 Beta - Account wiped, now cannot write values

Some time between May 31 and June 3 my Beta 2 account was wiped. All configuration and data was removed, including buckets and tokens. That is no problem - I can recreate that easily enough.

Now, however, I cannot write data to my newly created bucket. I have tried a bucket-specific token, an all-buckets token and an all-access token. All of them produce the same result:

{"code":"forbidden","message":"insufficient permissions for write","op":"http/handleWrite"}

I can tell that the token is recognized, because if I use a non-existent token I get this message instead:

{"code":"unauthorized","message":"unauthorized access"}

Do you have any suggestions about how to fix this?

Oops. This was user error.

I logged into Influx Cloud 2 Beta with my Influx Cloud 1 credentials. When I use the proper credentials then everything is as it was.