Influx running OOM when loading large amount data

Hi Everyone,

We are using Influx for awhile, so aware that 1) Influx uses as much RAM as it wants 2) Needs SSD & large memory.

We have around 48GB RAM and 32CPU machine where InfluxDB size itself is around 200GB on disk. When we try to load around 2.5gb data into Influx, while writing it is happy, memory consumption is relative, but after the whole data was processed/written, InfluxDB seems doing something to consume the RAM rapidly almost like 30GB RAM in a minute, until OS kills the process.

Our guess at this moment is, Influx might be performing some compaction to write the data into files. 1) How can we confirm that what exactly is happening to consume this much RAM? 2) Any other possible config fine tunings we can do?

We are using Influx1.8. Appreciate any guidance.

Hello @Namba,
Do you have TSI enabled?