Influx cli problem with InfluxDB2.6

Hi,When I Use InfluxDB2.6,after I Install Influx cli influxdb2-client-2.6.1 with this command

influx config create --config-name
–host-url http://localhost:8086

The org、token info is no problem
but after excute this command,I can not get any bucket info ,such like this:
[root@dev influxdb2-client-2.6.1-linux-amd64]# ./influx bucket list
ID Name Retention Shard group duration Organization ID Schema Type
[root@dev influxdb2-client-2.6.1-linux-amd64]# ./influx query ‘from(bucket:“query_data”) |> range(start:-100h)’
Error: failed to execute query: 404 Not Found: failed to initialize execute state: could not find bucket “query_data”

how can I solve this peoblem?thanks.

Hello @y1y100,
Are you using an all access token?
Can you try recreating the config with a new all-access token please?

How did you create the bucket query_data?

Thank you