Influx cannot display time as daylight savings time

I realize that data is stored in the database in UTC.
Select correctly displays recent data as EST (EasternStandardTime) but we are currently on EDT (EasternDaylightTIme).

How can We display the time as EDT?

select temperature from ruuvi_measurements where time > now()-1m AND “mac”=‘F7FA744A1E1A’ tz(‘EST’)
name: ruuvi_measurements
time temperature

2019-05-07T10:13:45.865455505-05:00 21.78

Tue May 7 11:13:53 EDT 2019

Hi @DG12 ,

what is your location ?

you can use tz(‘America/New_York’) for example …

or choose from this list … tz
best regards ,

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Thank you VERY much!

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