'$ influx auth help' between 4 to 10 seconds

When I am running “influx auth help”, it is taking between 4 to 10 seconds just to print the usage. strace reveals a lot of timing data being collected, along with futex.
It’s kind of a mood killer to wait 4 to 10 seconds to get help output.

root@120792:~# time influx auth help
… [ removed ] …
real 0m10.109s
user 0m9.637s
sys 0m0.154s

If I had to guess influx is running timing loops to try to discover timing granularity or resolution, it’s really going to be a bummer for people if they need to run x100 influx commands and the mean time to real work is ~5 seconds for each, meaning ~500 seconds or over 9 minutes waiting while system clock granularity is re-discovered on each run.

Just to follow up here, I did spend some time running a good few dozen commands (~50?) to try to understand how one might pull the Api token from a influx install for use during scripting of say Ansible/Docker/etc.
I was able to do it, but because of the crazy 5-10 second start-up timing loop penalty, figuring out how to do it, easily cost 5 to 10 minutes of waiting just to execute commands like ‘$ influx auth find’