'$ influx auth help' between 4 to 10 seconds

When I am running “influx auth help”, it is taking between 4 to 10 seconds just to print the usage. strace reveals a lot of timing data being collected, along with futex.
It’s kind of a mood killer to wait 4 to 10 seconds to get help output.

root@120792:~# time influx auth help
… [ removed ] …
real 0m10.109s
user 0m9.637s
sys 0m0.154s

If I had to guess influx is running timing loops to try to discover timing granularity or resolution, it’s really going to be a bummer for people if they need to run x100 influx commands and the mean time to real work is ~5 seconds for each, meaning ~500 seconds or over 9 minutes waiting while system clock granularity is re-discovered on each run.

Just to follow up here, I did spend some time running a good few dozen commands (~50?) to try to understand how one might pull the Api token from a influx install for use during scripting of say Ansible/Docker/etc.
I was able to do it, but because of the crazy 5-10 second start-up timing loop penalty, figuring out how to do it, easily cost 5 to 10 minutes of waiting just to execute commands like ‘$ influx auth find’

Hey @camerone,

Appreciate your patience with the alpha. I see that you found the issue related to this on GitHub, but I wanted to share here in case others came across it. The has been fixed, and you should be seeing better performance both when building from source and when using the nightly builds (although it still exists in the Alpha 19 build).