Influx 2.0 and tsi

Dear all,

is tsi index enabled by default for 2.0 on all measurements that we upgrade from previous versions?
also I see in documentation repor-tsi command but when I try to run it it is not in binaries that one can download from the site nor from docker container
is it only in nightly?


Hello @Nikola,
Yes TSI is enabled by default for 2.0/
Thank you.

do you have any tips if one would like to bind memory of influx to some upper limit
it did not go smooth for influx bellow 2.0 since it seems one had to size instance for it
does 2.0 behave better with TSI on? does it put stuff to disk when memory gets more and more filled?
what are experiences of influx people with that?

Hello @Nikola,
Yes there are configurable options, but we generally don’t recommend changing them from the default.