Importing data using line protocol generates additional table

Hello all.

I use openHAB in my smart home and used to store the data in a mariasql database. Several months ago I switched to InfluxDB 2.

openHAB creates several measurements, each with only one field. The fieldKey is always called “value”.

As InfluxDB 2 works like a charm I’d like to import the historic data from mariasql to InfluxDB. I can export it in the line protocol format. However after importing there is a new table created and grafana shows an additional column.

I attached a sample screenshot

after trying to import one test data to a measurement. The table 0 was created because of the import, table 1 stores the data that was send from openHAB.

Can you please advice me how the csv should look like that the imported data will be stored in the same table as data from openHAB? Or do I have to configure that behaviour at a different location?

Kind regards

Found it. :grinning:

I didn’t notice the missing item-column in my import. As soon as I add the item=iNetatmo_BatteryVP as tag key and tag value the import works like expected.