Implement Conditions in Alert in chronograf

I know that this thread has become old, but while creating alert on chronograf, (which is already there in Grafana, you can say replicating).

One difference I found is
Under “Alert” -> “conditions”
I can define operation to perform like


WHEN avg () OF query (A, 6h, now)

I cannot find this functionality in chronograf
As in chronograf operation comes same in “condition” as was while defining field.

For eg:

I wrote a query to get data group by on some fields and applied function as “sum”
But now during alert I want that for last 6 hours data do a avg and based on this value send alert.

Doable in Grafana but don’t know about chronograf

In grafana

In Chronograf: [not allowing to upload image


Send Alert where



less than

Preview Data from

Past 6h

Are there any suggestions?