Human readable timestamps in Data Explorer

I’ve just started setting up InfluxDB Serverless Cloud with Telegraf. I’m trying to use the Data Explorer page to test queries, but it’s difficult to read the timestamps, they look something like epoch time. Is there a way to make this display normal human readable timestamps?

Hello @llamafilm,
Hmm that’s odd in v2 timestamps should appear like

Or the following in table view:


Are you using version 3 of InfluxDB?
You can use this function:

That being said, normally your data should appear in this format:

If that column is in fact a timestamp column and not an additional field and you’re still seeing your data like that, can you please create an issue here:


I’m not sure how to answer that question. Where does it show the version number? I’m using Influx Cloud Serverless, and I just started last week so I guess I’m ok the newest version.

This data comes from Telegraf and I’m not doing anything fancy. I believe it’s just a regular timestamp, but I don’t know why your column name has an underscore at the beginning and mine does not.

Ok I think the difference is the query language. Using SQL I see nice timestamps like you:

SELECT result_code,time
FROM "ping"
WHERE time >= now() - interval '10 minutes'

But I’m trying to use InfluxQL, this is where I see ugly timestamps:

SELECT result_code,time
FROM "example-db"."example-rp"."ping"
WHERE time >= now() - 10m

I had read that InfluxQL is recommended but I’m still confused on why these 2 different languages exist and which one is a better choice.