How tu run a flux function?

There are lot of functions in the standard library etc, with documentation and examples
All great! But how can I run it ? Is there any interpreter or something ?
I’ve tried to use notebook to test my simple function, and it tells me “error @12:25-12:38: expected stream[A] but found string (argument tables)”

My approach would be : Log into the InfluxDB UI → Navigate to “Data Explorer” → Enter your Flux query → Run

Other ways to do that are listed here: Different ways to query InfluxDB | InfluxDB Cloud (TSM) Documentation

same problem
the thing is that there is no actual query, it’s just a one simple function I want to test

Try to follow one of the tutorial, if you get stuck just ask here with anything specific.

I’ve tried to follow the tutorial, and I get stuck, so I’m asking here:
How the hell to run a simple function for test ?


  1. Can you provide a link to the tutorial that you are following?
  2. Can you confirm you are able to log into Influx Data Explorer? URL is usually http://your-server-ip-addres-where-InfluxDB-is-installed:8086
  1. Define custom Flux functions | Flux Documentation
  2. Sure
    Let me show you an example:

Can you click Query Builder and build the query with the various data you have stored in the database? In your screenshot, you have written a function but as the error message notes, you do not have a yield statement (or a range, bucket, etc.) specified.

That was my question !
I have no data, I need no query, no range, no yield etc…
Just a single flux function I want to run ! HOW?

I could be wrong, but I think one needs data (i.e. values) in order to perform a Flux function on those values in the Influx Data Explorer. Maybe someone else can chime in.