How to view real sensor data in chronograph and store it in database


hai, good evening guys, i am having a doubt and i want to know that, if i am having connected light sensor to my nodemcu using arduino, after that i want to connect the database to influx db and want to visualize the one day light sensor generated data in chronograph using aws and mqtt broker, can anyone help me with this


This should be possible. You’ll need to do the following:

  • Install an MQTT broker, Telegraf, InfluxDB, and Chronograf on your AWS EC2 instance, and configure your security groups to allow traffic on all the required ports.

  • Program your NodeMCU to read from the sensor and push data to a the appropriate MQTT topic in one of the Telegraf Input Formats. Looks like there is an MQTT client for this.

  • Configure Telegraf to use the MQTT Consumer input plugin to read data from MQTT and send it to InfluxDB.

  • Create a Chronograf dashboard.


yes bro,actually i am new to this, i am not able to do this, can you help me about this, in a small document if you are ok with this,