How to use tag/values to describe a graph relation


I want to store the state of doors as timeseries. A door can have the state closed or open. This state should be stored in influxdb.

Doors connect different rooms with each other. A door links (mostly) one room with another. So there are a number of rooms, e.g. room 1, 2, 3, and 4. And there are some doors: A, B, C, D. However, there are sometime doors which goes to the outside. So a door is only linked to one room.

Later, when the query of the recorded timeseries data is done, I want to select, for example, the state of all doors in a room.

I wanted to model the state of the door as a Value, since that is the value that changes over time. The identification (A, B, C, …) of a door would then be modeled as a Tag/Value pair.

But how to model the relationship between doors and rooms? After all, a tag/value pair cannot occur more than once in a timeseries data.