How to use contrib package


I’m new with InfluxDB and I need some help to use contrib packages in Flux language.

I am using InfluxDB and Grafana installed in my Raspberry Pi. I have the InfluxDB version v1.8.10 (git: 1.8 688e697c51fd).

I want to use the events package in my Grafana query with:
import "contrib/tomhollingworth/events"
But I receive the error message: 500 Internal Server Error: type error 2:1-2:40: unknown import path: "contrib/tomhollingworth/events"

For example, I haven’t got any problem with the package:
import "influxdata/influxdb/monitor"

Can someone help me with the steps of the installation of the events package?

Thank you!

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would like to know the same thing
did you ever manage to install the package?

Hello @tomaszkoc and @mmmmgggg,
If you look at the docs:

You can see what version of Flux is required and what version of InfluxDB supports that version of Flux with view InfluxDB support.
You need to use 2.0 and greater to be able to use that function.