How to track read and writes on a specific bucket

I am new to InfluxDB. I have a template set up that scrapes the /metrics data and puts it in the oss_metrics bucket. And I have another bucket “testData” that hold my actual timeseries data. I’m trying to get an accurate picture of how many reads and writes are being performed on the testData bucket in a day/week/month/etc. I see that the oss_metrics has the boltdb_reads_total and the boltdb_writes_total, but this appears to give a total of all buckets, including the oss_metrics bucket. Is there a way to set something up to only provide information on the operations on the “testData” bucket? thanks in advanced

Hello @Soljourner,
unfortunately I don’t think that type of granularity exists. You can see a description of all the metrics available here