How to stop a single .conf file without impacting other .conf files

Hi All,
I have multiple .conf files are under /etc/telegraf/telegraf.d directory and telegraf is collecting events and loading into InfluxDB. For some reason I want to stop one of the .conf file for few days but not the others.
How can I stop a .conf file with others should there anyway to stop one of the .conf files instead of deleting/moving that file.

Have you tried just renaming the file so that it no longer ends with .conf?

For example, call it was.originalname.conf.was

I’m pretty sure that telegraf only reads files in the config directory whose
names end in .conf

“telegraf --help” tells me:

–config configuration file to load
–config-directory directory containing additional *.conf files



Yup, this is pretty much how i’ve done this in the few days i’ve been using Telegraf so far.

All my configs reside in /etc/telegraf/telegraf.d/ (Debian) and if i want to temporarily disable one, i rename the file somename.conf to somename.conf_ and restart Telegraf (actually not sure if Telegraf supports a “reload”).