How to set maximum interval for interpolation?

Hi, I’m plotting a simple data set with just (time, temperature) using Grafana on InfluxDb2. There are data every 5s, but there are also occasional, irregular hour-long gaps in the data. The default line graph just connects/interpolate the long gaps. How do I stop it from interpolating when the gaps are, say, longer than x minutes? Thanks much!
I’ve tried window() but it doesn’t seem to be the right solution because the gaps are irregular.

I’ve tried setting Connect null values to Never/Always/Threshold but it didn’t seem to help.

Not sure how many on here will be able to help given it’s for grafana.

You seem to be on the right track though, this link seems to be the relevant section:

If you have data every 5 seconds, set the threshold to 1 second , and again to 10seconds. If I understand correctly, you should see a dot/scatter graph at 1 second , and at 10 seconds you should see the behavior you want - the periods where you have valid data should be connected, followed by a gap until the next valid period of data.

Best of luck with it

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