How to see/debug the POST body in Telegraf?

Hello, I’m trying to setup a telegraf instance to query a piece of equipment called Mastertroinc that performs automated water testing for aquariums. I was able to figure out part of their API and the call that I need to perform is a POST request with a plain JSON body. (if the body contains anything else than JSON, the equipment returns an error 500).
I setup my telegraf.conf to perform a post and added the required JSON to the body parameter but when I execute it, the response I see in the log is
[inputs.http] Error in plugin: [url=]: received status code 500 (Internal Server Error), expected any value out of [200] stdout
I’m not sure if the POST request is being sent with no body or if my JSON code in the body is misconstructed.

Does anyone know how can I see the POST query that telegraf is sending or any other way to debug this issue?
Thanks in advance.

For reference, here are the relevant parameters in my telegraf.conf file
urls = [“”]
method = “POST”
body = “{“action”:“HISTORY”,“data”:{“range”:“1440”},“type”:“read”}”

Hello @miguel,
Have you tried included debug=true in the agent portion of your config?
Have you tried running telegraf with the --test flag?

Hi Anai,
Thanks for the reply, yeah I’m running with debug=true in the configuration file but not with the --test flag. I’ll find out how to add it to my Synology Docker container and try that out!