How to retrieve values of the same field key for two time series data with a single query?

Hello, if I have two time series data with row protocol format as follows:

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t0,tag=tagValue field=1 650000000
t1,tag=tagValue field=1 650000000

How can I execute an SQL query to retrieve all columns of these two time series data, and name them as t0.tag, t0.field, t1.tag, and t1.field respectively? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I think youre going to have to do something like:

SELECT t0.tag AS "t0.tag", 
       t0.field AS "t0.field", 
       t1.tag AS "t1.tag", 
       t1.field AS "t1.field"
INNER JOIN t1 ON t0.time = t1.time
WHERE t0.tag='tagValue' AND t1.tag='tagValue';

Of course assuming both measurements are in the same bucket. and you’ll orbably wanna add a where clause for your time range as well.

Your help has been extremely useful, thank you very much!