How to remove a field before outputing

I am currently using snmp as an input and cloudwatch as output. Currently fields in the inputs.snmp.table are ifIndex, ifName, host, agent_host, & Metric Name, how do I go about removing the ifIndex before sending the output to Cloudwatch, reason being ifIndex value changes with every reboot of the monitored system, while ifName does not. So this would allow all input to stay as is, but allow cloudwatch to match on ifName which would include all metrics with that ifName no matter if ifIndex has changed.

Hello @coxgreg,
Have you tried using fielddrop?
fielddrop = ["cpu_time*"]

my understanding is that that applies to the entire input plugin, when I’m only tried to remove a specific field from snmp.table. Potentially is_tag=false seems like it might work.

Try setting index_as_tag to false on the table.

I realized that my advice of using index_as_tag wouldn’t help as it only adds a tag for the index in case the table doesn’t have a suitable one. You would need to use the fielddrop or tagexclude option as suggested above to remove the field/tag.

To avoid having it modify other tables you would need to split the tables into separate plugin definitions, or use a processor, such as the override processor, to remove it.