How to pass in list of values in tick script batch query kapacitor

I am new to TICK. I am trying to pass in list of values in batch query kapacitor. It is giving me the following error
*invalid TICKscript: Failed to handle left node: Failed to handle right node: Given node type is not valid evaluation node: ast.ListNode
See the below script:

var ns1 = ['value1', 'value2', 'value3']

var data_norm = batch

    |query('SELECT "value" FROM "test"."default"."cpu_usage_rate" where name=\'' + ns1 + '\' 




        .warn(lambda: "cpu_avg" < 50)
        .crit(lambda: "cpu_avg" < 70)
        // Whenever we get an alert write it to a file.
        .id('{{ .Name }}')
        .id('{{ index .Tags "name" }}')
        .message('*Cpu Alerts:* {{ .ID }} has {{ .Level }}
        value: *{{ index .Fields "value" }}*
        name: *{{ index .Tags "name" }}*

I know that i can pass in multiple values to the query using **OR**  to the where clause. Is there a way I can use list in the tick script or in the query?