How to monitor influxdb with java?

I want to monitor influxdb in real time, I want to have these KPIs:

  • number of bucket in influxdb
  • Organization: number of organizations
  • Total users
  • number of tokens in influxdb
  • Memory Usage [%]
  • Memory allocated
  • Uptimes
  • Scrapers
  • Memory Usage [%] - time series
  • Memory Allocations
  • Total Mallocs & free
  • Query Execution
  • Query Requests
  • Local Object Store IO

influxdb is a remote server : (just for the visit), I have username, password, org id and org name,
the token exist for only this link
I don’t know how can i have these kpi. i’ve already tried to use curl but it took so much time and return 401

You can gather most of these from InfluxDB internal metrics. Buckets, orgs, and scrapers are also available from /api/v2 endpoints.

Regarding the 401 response, what URL are you requesting?
I’m not sure I understand why you have InfluxDB running on port 1014 and a token for port 8086.