How to keep duplicate events

Hi. I’m using InfluxDB to store sales data but have an issue with recording events that happened at the same time.

My database schema looks something like this:

id, type, price, amount, time

id, price and amount are fields. type is a tag because it is the only value I’m querying on. I’ve added the id field only to make a sale unique and to know what sale I’ve indexed last.

However, sales can occasionally happen at the same time for the same type with the same amount and price. In that case InfluxDB seems to only store the first event, not the following once.

I just found this in the documentation: Frequently Asked Questions | InfluxDB OSS 1.3 Documentation

Very helpful, but I still got a few questions.

Should I make the id a tag? I guess not? If I introduce a uniq tag like in the documentation, should I always store a value that is 0 and increment when there are multiple sales at the same time? Or should I just keep that value empty by default?

I have the same question, have you found a proper way to do this?