How to import some variables in my task

I have create some variables( like “_calc_table”) in my settings.I want use the variable(like v._calc_table) in my task ,but it tell me that " undefined identifier v". How should I do to use my variables

Hello @liuyang0716,
Are you expecting your flux variable to return a stream of tables?
Can you walk me through how you created it?

I created these two issues that I think might be related to your problem.
I encourage you to give them a look and comment.

I want to use myself variable in my task.In fact, each variable just use in the dashboard with “v”. could not be used in my task .
Is there some method using a variable in my task which I can change values.some like password.

Hello @liuyang0716,
yes you can add and store secrets in influxdb please check out this documentation:

As for your issue, can I see how you made that variable?
Do you see your variable listed in the UI?