How to get secrestore value while running telegraf a service

I have configured and set secretstore.os, when I run telegraf as a normal program I am able to get all secretstore key values but when running as service Not getting secretstore key value.

could someone help me.


When using the secret store via the CLI you should be prompted to input a passkey or phrase to unlock your secret store. There is currently no way to do this via a service. This means you cannot use the os secret store plugin with a service

I have tried by executing below commands.
telegraf.exe -config ‘path of conf file’ secrets set ‘id of secretstore’ ‘key’ ‘value’

I was able to get value by below command
telegraf -config ‘path of conf file’ secrets get ‘id of secretstore’ ‘key’ ‘value’

later on I found out that I am launching telegraf as service with one user and trying to set and get secretstore with another user thats why its not able to get value of key.

Thank you @jpowers for your quick response.