How to get list of hosts which doesn't exist?

I trying to monitor Google Compute instances which every day made new and destroy for night. We use it for CI and don’t use it in night. So every day I have ~50-100 new hosts in influxdb database.
For recive list of hosts in grafana I use query:
But it show ALL hosts in DB, even which are removed.
How can I get the list of hosts which is down and does not exist more?

Not sure about the schema but you can introduce a “where” clause under your tag search statement. It should let you filter those hosts which are currently “Null”.

Also I think you can easily get this information using the regular “select” statement with “distinct” function. As it will let you define the where clause based on time.

I see, that chronograf have host status and for recive host status they use query
SELECT non_negative_derivative(mean(uptime)) AS deltaUptime FROM "system" WHERE time > now() - 10m GROUP BY host, time(1m) fill(0);
Need the same in grafana, but can’t :frowning: